Master high-performance aircraft operation

High Performance Endorsement

Achieve your high-performance endorsement in our state-of-the-art G1000, autopilot-equipped, 230-horsepower Cessna 182. Taught by professional pilots, our comprehensive program ensures you master the intricacies of operating high-performance aircraft safely and efficiently, along with the tricks the pros use to make it look easy.

High-Performance Endorsement Training

Program Highlights

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Ensuring an exceptional journey

Enrollment Options

Upon completion of our High-Performance Endorsement Training, you’ll emerge fully equipped to confidently navigate high-performance aircraft. Harnessing automation to streamline workload, you’ll possess invaluable skills that enhance safety and ease in flying, applicable across a range of aircraft.

  • Individual Enrollment: $775

Want to Save Money? Train with Your Friends with Group Enrollment: Gather your friends and save on enrollment fees. Participants must complete ground school together to qualify for discounted rates.

Group Enrollment:

  • 2 enrollments: $725 each
  • 3 enrollments: $700 each
  • 4 enrollments: $675 each
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Additional training

Want More Flying Time?

Additional training is available upon request. You can also complete your high-performance training during a real-world cross-country flight, putting your skills to the test in practical scenarios.

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elevate your skills

Ready To Elevate Your Flying Skills?

Contact us today to enroll in our High-Performance Endorsement Training and gain the confidence to fly high-performance aircraft with precision and proficiency.

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