The preferred flight training provider for WVU Tech

Bachelor's Degree in Aviation Management

We are proud to be the preferred flight training provider for West Virginia University Tech’s Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management program. This innovative program offers students a unique opportunity to combine their academic studies with hands-on flight training, setting them on a path toward a successful aviation career.

build valuable flight time

Integrated Flight Training

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management program complete JAXAERO’s Pro Pilot Program during the first year of their studies. While completing online classes with WVU Tech, students have the flexibility to build valuable flight time at our Jacksonville, Florida training center.

Class in a hangar at JAX AERO.

Save Time & Money

Accelerate Your Career

Receive college credit for flight training, saving time and money on your path to program completion. Graduates enter the workforce months or years before the competition, equipped with substantial flight experience, world-class training, and a college education.


Program Benefits

Fly Year Round

Enjoy the convenience of year-round flying at our Jacksonville training center.

Online Classes

Complete coursework online with WVU Tech while gaining flight experience.

Start Earning Sooner

Begin flying on day one to accelerate your path to becoming a commercial pilot.

Get The Advantage

Education, Training & Experience

ETE isn’t just an acronym for Estimated Time Enroute. When searching for the best pilot jobs, ETE means Education, Training, and Experience. The Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management program provides exactly that. You’ll receive substantial flight experience, world-class flight training, and a college education.

A JAX air plane.
JAX Aero classroom.
Prepare yourself for success

Pilots Are in Demand

With flight departments hiring in record numbers, graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management program will have their choice of lucrative career opportunities. Prepare yourself for success in the dynamic field of aviation management and take the first step towards a rewarding career in the skies.


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